तीजका गीतहरु
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nepali song lok bhaka

December 13, 2006
nepali song lok bhaka » Nepali Lok Geet/Nepali Folk Song » Watch Online
December 13, 2006
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dautari said...

Very good song, bad choreography.... Why do they have to compose dance routines like low budget Indian movies?

88mykel729 said...

bahut sundar song h

mridulusa said...

One of my best songs ever. Keep it up whoever post it on youtube.

kanchha2 said...

tyasto bor lage kan kahillay nasunne banaye ta hunchha ni hahahaha !!!! ki kaso??

OVuslatO said...

oii thees SOTOBAK.., where the hell do u think u from saying that" NEPALI HARU NACHNA MATRA JANYA CHHAN BHANERA.."Get a life and get a grip.,or U don't who is ur mumn dad..! if u do then be proud of them whereever u r., u knobhead..!

1531059 said...

hey this song is really terrific i love this song even i am in america! KEEP IT UP PEOPLE!

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