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Nepali Folk Song "Purnimako Juneli" Mohan Gurung- Sharmila gurung-2

May 27, 2009
Nepali folk song
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I really love this song thank you!! And happy new year!! ( at least, where i live it's almost new year, i know you people have a different one).


very touchy & Truthful song. thank you all of you.


Very Nice song and Voice as well.i luv it


this is tee from australia thats how i face in my life


Mohan gurung very gentlemen. his voice very good nice song.Thanks for nice video,


now this is true Nepali culture. RESPECT PEOPLE!!!i love gurung, magar, rai. limbu, tamang, thakali, sherpa, tharu, newar, yolmo girls. Thanks for posting such beautiful video. We need to preserve and promote our heritage and cultureAnyway check the video "Connexion of Mongolia-Kirat:Revealing the Mystery of Origin of Phallus Stone Worship"

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