तीजका गीतहरु
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raju gurung and sharmila gurunng_____________nepali folk songs

February 15, 2010
nepali lok geet____________ Raju Gurung & Sarmila Gurung Reema vcd part - 21 yo junima yastai bho____________nepali lok geet chiran.mausam@yahoo.com
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Thank you Raju Dai...your songs and compose is very good........London...UK


yo geet sarai man paryo


its our true culture we have to save about it


very very cool and beautiful song, I love it very much. This is our true culter song which give us our unity, proud and live with brotherwoodness. Please don,t forger our beautiful culture. We should preserve and promote our beautiful culture and heritage and let it carry on by our new generation in thef future. Thanks for posting such a nice cool song on the you tube video.Udim B. Gurung, U.S.A.

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