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Jau hida UK ma By Pashupati Sharma and Kalika Rokka

Jau hida UK ma By Pashupati Sharma and Kalika Rokka
August 11, 2013
Jau hida UK ma By Pashupati Sharma and Kalika Rokka » Nepali Lok Geet/Nepali Folk Song » Watch Online
August 11, 2013

Singer: Pashupati Sharma and Kalika Rokka
Music: Pashupati Sharma
Lyrics: Pashupati Sharma
Rights for this music video for YouTube Platform is with Music Nepal; provided by "Pushpanjali Music"

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Dilip Yakkha said...

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Ramesh Shrestha said...

very nice song

ramesh bastola said...

very good song i like this song

ghanshyam kc said...


sete kalu said...

very nice song

Bikal Adhikari said...

S Pali ko teej ma jha pni ahi ko dans kti heru m t hererae Marne by

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